The Royal National Rose Society (RNRS) is not only the world’s oldest specialist plant society but the foremost global authority on the cultivation and care of the rose. Established in 1876, the RNRS now has a membership that spans the globe and includes many affiliated horticultural societies and research libraries, as well as thousands of rose- loving individuals.

Today, the RNRS is best known for its flagship Gardens of the Rose at Chiswell Green in Hertfordshire, on the outskirts of St Albans. Opened 50 years ago by the then Patron of the Society, the Princess Royal, the Gardens of the Rose offer five acres of stunning displays of tens of thousands of roses, both historic and modern, complemented by a extensive selection of companion plants.

The Gardens of the Rose underwent a complete refurbishment in 2006 and now showcases new roses, herbaceous perennials, spring bulbs, shrubs and water features set amid contrasting lawns and paths now provide substantial interest. The Gardens of the Rose show the very best that the rose world has to offer but, as with any garden, they are continually evolving.

A major objective is the administration of the RNRS International rose trials which are open to both professional and amateur rose breeders. Visit our International Rose Trials page for some background to the trialling process.

The Society is also recognised as a governing body in the administration of showing and judging roses in the UK. Visit our shows area page for details of forthcoming events.